Is Apple’s Run Over? $AAPL $QQQ

Many of the stock market indices I look at, are doing all that well. I am not long as well as it has been a very tough market to be short. Most bulls and bears are not making money. Apple seems to be at a key juncture.

Watch this video and let me know […]

Cut Out the Noise & Look at the Big Picture Trend Following

There is so much noise. We need to simplify things. One of things I suggest is look at a weekly or a monthly chart. You will see exactly where you are at.

SPY- Stock Market Bullish

GLD -Gold Market Bearish


Will the SPY Break the 200 Day Moving Average -Bear Market?

Been a tough market for bulls and bears as the vast majority of shares have gone nowhere. There have been some exceptions like Palo Alto and Sketchers…but so many stocks breakout only to fail.Admittedly frustrating for Bulls…

The big question will the 200 Day Moving Average hold. The 200 day moving average is the line […]

Is Chinese Stock Market Ready To Crash? $FXI

The roller coaster ride of China’s stock market got even more interesting this morning.

To the relief of many traders CSI 300 index popped on the open up 8.5% however by the close the CSI 300 was up only 2.52%. On Friday the CSI 300 dropped 5.4% which brought the CSI 300 to more than […]

Definition of a Distribution Day in the Stock Market

I have been asked by many of my students the definition of a Distribution day in the Stock market. A Distribution day is a decline of at least 0.2% in higher volume. This signifies that the Institutional Big investors are “distributing” shares or in other words liquidating their positions. When we have more than 4 […]

Why Did the Stock Market Sell off So Hard? $QQQ

Does the stock market really need a reason. Just look at Sonic. They reported good earnings and the stock tanked. One key has been the preponderance of Distribution days. They have been in the 6 range in both the SPY and QQQ. Caution should be exercised at this juncture and trades should have exact pre […]

Example of a Potential Shorting Opportunity of Tesla Stock $SPY $TSLA $QQQ

Lets face it…Tesla is a cool car…However from a stock standpoint now it is in a severe down trend. As a trend follower we want to follow the trend not our opinions. In this short video will discuss from an educational standpoint a conversation I had with one of my students regarding Tesla and a […]

Death Cross -Shorting Selling PriceLine $PCLN

Short selling is a tough way to trade. There is greater volatility on the short side of trading. You only want to short at the beginning of a Bear Market. In this short video you will learn about the death cross and ways to attempt to go short. Use this video to increase your education […]

Jim Cramer Thinks We Could be in a Market Correction- Maybe We Buy!!! $SPY $QQQ $STUDY

“We are in treacherous territory,” says Jim Cramer.

As correct as Jim Cramer has been…Maybe we look to go long?????

Is the Tide of the Stock Market Turning Bearish? $SPY $QQQ

It can be easily said that Friday’s action was simply ugly. This leaves one to question if a long over due correction could be at hand. I want to clarify I am not a bull nor a bear. I simply read the market action every day. The stock market opened lower and it just kept […]