Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 01102016 $QQQ $SPY $AMZN $AAPL

What a great way to start the New Year. Actually worst week EVER…yes…EVER…so what you do in the stock market? Panic? Sell Everything? Actually you need to have a complete trend following plan. Firstly in the models I use, one should not be long at this point. However most corrections in the stock market( 75% […]

2015 Hardest Trend Following Stocks since March of 2009

By March of 2016 this current bull market of Stocks will celebrate it’s seven year Birthday. It is beyond rare for a cycle to last this long, and were it not for all the QE by central banks around the world it would likely have ended much sooner. All the liquidity thrown into the system […]

Do You Have a Bear Market Trading Plan -Trend Following

2015 has been considered one of the worst years since 2009.Many have told me that it does not matter as they have already made money. However I truly doubt many if any at all got in early in 2009. Probably more like earliest entry into the stock market 2012…or even later….

My answer is I […]

Bear Market on the Horizon? Monthly MACD Bearish Crossover- Trend Following

A picture speaks better than words. No need for CNBC…just the facts. As a technical analyst and trend following stock trader I look at various time frames. Simple indicators, I have found to more clear to use. Looking at past occurrences of a MACD crossover on a monthly chart…Bear Markets have started…Look at this monthly […]

Dangerous Signs on the Stock Indexes Trend Following #QQQ #SPY

The QQQ has joined the SPY below it’s 200 day moving average. The index closed near it’s intraday lows and has broken below it’s critical 50 day moving average support level. The relative strength line of the many of the leading stocks is starting to get hit. This is the first time the index has […]

New Bull Market or Beginning of New Bear Market #TrendFollowing

There is all this talk about recessions and fear in the stock market. The question that was posed over the weekend is Are we are the beginning of a New bull Market or a New Bear Market.

Simple answer, take it day by day with a plan.

Currently I am long a handful […]

Stocks Fall in High Volume 5 Distribution Days #HA #UVE#Trendfollowing

Rally or Bear Market fake out….Good question…No answer… Fact 1. We are below 200 day moving averag 2. Yesterdays action was in high volume 3. 5 Distribution days 4. Anything can happen 5. Have a plan 6. Trade nimbly in times like this ( at least I am)

However HA and UVE had nice […]

Resistance at the 200 Day Line #UVE #NKE #trendfollowing

Early bear market rally or just a simple correction in a much longer bull market? That has been the topic of conversation. The reality is we are still below the 200 Day moving average which is a negative. Some leading stocks have become to breakout such as UVE and NKE, however some sector leaders broke […]

TrendFollowing- The Bear Story Stock Market is Becoming More Relevant

Yesterday was an UGLY day in the stock market. However I can confirm that most of my clients are on the sidelines of the stock market. They have learned how to read the market and are simply trend following. They realize this market can do anything. They are positioned to be buyers once again….or simply […]

In Just Three Trading days the Stock Market Changed!

In just three trading days the market has completely changed its character from a friendly bull market to something entirely different – a bear market or just a nasty correction? My students have avoided this volatility by using simple rules. I have checked in with them and not one of them was hurt by recent […]