Trend Following Stock Market Leaders

An interesting observation…one by one many of the stock leaders are failing. One after the next I am seeing exit signals from Mellanox $MLNX, Apple $AAPL to Google $goog.

As IBD has stated when the Generals start falling the soldiers start falling. Putting all of this into context I am becoming more skeptical of the […]

AAPL Post – To Buy or Sell

I have to admit, I was shocked at the number of people who wanted to know how to trade Apple. What is surprising is that they put their money up first and did not have an exact plan. An exact plan is to know how many shares to buy for their account size…and as importantly […]

Apple Stock (AAPL) Buy or Sell?

In this Youtube video I answer the question if you should still be long Apple stock or exit. We go through a simple trend following concept when trading. You want to purchase the strongest stocks if you can risk less than 1% of your account size. The same works in reverse if you want to […]

Is Apple Still a Good Stock to Own?

The recent action of Apple has shown some weakness. When one trend follows they always want to buy the strongest shares as long as they do not risk more than 1% of their account size on that particular trade( you decide how much risk you want to take when trend following , this is my […]