Dangerous Signs on the Stock Indexes Trend Following #QQQ #SPY

The QQQ has joined the SPY below it’s 200 day moving average. The index closed near it’s intraday lows and has broken below it’s critical 50 day moving average support level. The relative strength line of the many of the leading stocks is starting to get hit. This is the first time the index has […]

The Resistance of the 200 Day Moving Average – Trend Following

As I have said many times…The 200 Day Moving Average is the line of delineation of bears and bulls.

If the Nasdaq and SPY can get back above this level with some conviction & stay there there is a good chance we could be moving higher. Conversely, if not then lower prices are likely […]

Free Kindle Book Moving Averages- Trade like a Professional (Trend Following Mentor)

Get your Free Kindle Book Moving Averages..

Moving averages are one of the basic of technical trading indicators. However in this short ebook you will learn valuable ways to use the moving averages both singly as well as in groups of them. You will be given codes in Metastcok for adaptive moving averages which alleviate […]

Will the SPY Break the 200 Day Moving Average -Bear Market?

Been a tough market for bulls and bears as the vast majority of shares have gone nowhere. There have been some exceptions like Palo Alto and Sketchers…but so many stocks breakout only to fail.Admittedly frustrating for Bulls…

The big question will the 200 Day Moving Average hold. The 200 day moving average is the line […]

200 Day Moving Average Close

The SP 500 closed above the 200 day moving average. It will be interesting to see if there is a follow through or if this is just a retracement. Remember you want to be long when the stock market is above the 200 day moving average or short or out of the market when below.


Bear Markets and 200 Day Moving Average- Avoiding A Stock Market Crash!

Every dramatic Bear Market & stock market crash, over the past century, has occurred when the stock index was under its 200-day moving average. The potential for profits on the long side are greatly diminished when the stock market indexes are below the 200 day moving average. The so called value investors will see ,cheap […]

200 Day Moving Average – Bear Market Ahead?

Several weeks ago I wrote about Apple and one should consider telling. Today Apple is down tremendously. Now we are at the 200 day moving average. When we are below the 200 day moving average it is not the safest time to invest. Trend following is a way of staying on the proper side of […]

Trading the Stock Market Utilizing Moving Averages

One of the basic tools I use is the 200 day moving average. The 200 day moving average indicator has been around for a great deal of time. Dick Fabian called it the 39 week rule. When you are above it, you can be in the stock market and when below you want to be […]