Learn How to Analyze Volume in the Stock Market- TrendFollowing

Yesterday in the Stock Market, volume was higher across the board and well above average. Volume in the stock market is the footprints of the big institutional investors. There was distribution on all the major averages and clearly strong selling by large institutional players.

Another key issue is to watch the leading stocks….Look at Apple…SWKS, […]

Will the 200 Day Exponential Moving Average Hold Again???

The 200 day moving average is the dividing line between a healthy stock market and unhealthy. We have bounced numerous times. Watch the 200 day Exponential Moving Average!!!

200 Day Exponential Moving Average – Bear Market Warning $INDU

We are almost at the 200 Day Exponential Moving Average on the Dow. If we cross over…I close all of my long positions and will not take any positions until we have 2 consecutive closes above the 200 EXMA…

Bear market and stock market crashes occur when we are below the 200 EXMA

Past […]