468 Reasons Not to Be in the Stock Market Right Now- TrendFollowing

September was off to a bang with the Dow down 468 points. Not that I am saying ” I told you so”… No one wants to hear this…But trading without a complete trading plan is shear gambling!

Today I had some nice thank yous from students who have avoided this volatility as well as […]

In Just Three Trading days the Stock Market Changed!

In just three trading days the market has completely changed its character from a friendly bull market to something entirely different – a bear market or just a nasty correction? My students have avoided this volatility by using simple rules. I have checked in with them and not one of them was hurt by recent […]

This is a Stock Market To Stay Out of-4,500 Points Intraday!!!

One would have to be on Mars not to have heard of yesterdays volatility in the stock market. Even my wife knew of the 1,000 point crash and later some what of a rebound. When markets are this wild….the sidelines with cash are the place to be. Only fools try to catch bottoms without a […]

1929 or 1987 or Are We in for a Bounce in the Stock Market?

Guess what…I actually had this question posed to me after Friday’s action. No one has a crystal ball but for quite a long time I have been out of this choppy grinding market. I recently had a post about Apple before it imploded. I would assume students that followed the rules in which I taught […]

Are We Headed for a Stock Market Crash? $TWTR $LKND $HAR

Many of the leading stocks are getting clobbered. Marc Faber came out with the statement he believes the stock market will fall 40%!!!!!

All one has to do is look at twitter, Linkedin or Harman. I am not a bear nor a bull. I am a trend follower. I see alot of distribution days. I […]