Trend Following Guru Paul Tudor Jones

One of the ideas I use quite often is following trend following gurus. Paul Tudor Jones is one long time trend follower. He is managing upwards of $3 billion dollars and has an outstanding record. As I have explained in my blog earlier, it is possible to follow and learn what money managers are holding […]

Learn Hedge Fund Managers Trades

As a followup to my last post and at the request of many readers….You can learn what Hedge Fund managers are buying and selling by simply going to these sites…I suggest you use these as a way to build a watch list of potential trades and then for your actual trading put the universe of […]

Great Stock Market Strategy For Investors

There are always great stock market tips and stock market strategies. However think about this…who are the best investors?… Actually they are only really a handful of them and they are hedge fund managers.

It’s no secret that many of the best investment ideas come from hedge funds and institutional portfolios. Unfortunately most investors […]