Today’s Trend Following Video Chat

I received this email and thought it was very nice of him….I enjoy working with people. Too many people have the misconception that trend following is simple or easy. When I can help people to achieve their goals, a tremendous amount of satisfaction is achieved….


No, I thank you for your time, BUT also […]

Managed Futures June Up- Trend Following

Finally there was a Strong month for managed futures in June which puts the YTD return positive for the majority of CTAs. This year for managed futures & trend following has been typically tough. The year started off strong and then the returns were given back. This is typical of trend following and managed futures. […]

Multiple Entry Options when Trend Following

The hard part is the experience. The next hard part is there are so many stocks to chose from. One should focus on the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors. Cherish market pull backs as they provide the entries. Installed Building products had numerous entries. From a fundamental point, very strong with earnings.

Look […]

This time is different- Trend Following

“This time is different”

History repeats but always not in the same fashion: we have had unprecedented stimulus, a free spending administration, record federal debt level, etc. History tells us however, if we reflect on past decades, that there are always “seemingly” unprecedented occurrences that “have never happened before” in each decade.

The S […]

Gold Going to 10,000 ???- Trend Following #GDX

I am sure every newbie investor would love to jump on the gold bandwagon when some guru would state gold is going to 2,000…5,000 or 10,000. These gurus have made calls and some have worked and some have not. The ones who foolishly bought into their calls have lost money. Losing money is one thing, […]

Eurekahedge Trend Following Index CTA/managed futures up 5.96% June

Eurekahedge is a data base of various investment strategies based in Singapore. Eurekahedge reported stellar results for CTA & managed futures strategies for June. ◾CTA/managed futures funds topped the tables across strategic mandates for June and 1H 2016, up 3.30% and 4.33% respectively. As of 1H 2016, net inflows into the strategy have come in […]

PAR Pacific – Sam Zell Value Play Trend Following

I have to admit Sam Zell is one investor I truly respect & watch. He called the top in real estate prior to the crash in 2007-2008. Today he is seeking assets below replacement cost similar to what he did in the field of real estate in the 1970s & 1980s. Buy when everyone was […]

Power of Sloping Trend Lines When Trend Following

I use sloping trend lines as entries and to confirm the trend. In the case of Match Group $MTCH look at the sloping trend line as it hits all time highs….

$EBIX Trend Break out

With the SP 500 at all time highs….we are seeing some stocks break out… EBIX is one of them

$BLD All Time New High

All time new highs are things trend followers like to see!!!