Using Long Term Moving Averages to Determine Trend $QQQ $GDX

Trend following all depends on your time frame. In order to avoid all the noise out there, I strongly suggest to look at weekly moving averages to get an idea where we are at the moment in the dominant trend. In this video regarding trend following you can get some ideas in order to help […]

2008 Stock Market Again? Trend Following

I received this chart from a friend this morning….There is an overlay of 2008 stock market chart and today’s stock market action….

What do you think from a trend following perspective?

The Bible of Trend Following

I just shared this piece from David Druz….Trend following is extremely challenging….Psychology is the key…

The Bible of Trend Following

I’ve been trading for investors for over 30 years. My first fund, Tactical Commodity Fund started in mid-1981. Tactical’s current program began in 1993 as an offshoot of that first fund but with lower […]

Time to Go Long the Stock Market Again? Trend Following

We have had several nice up days…so all clear? Well, there were no breakouts today of leading stocks. The lack of buy able stocks is a cause for caution and I would take new position very carefully if at all, but this follow through looks a bit better. We are still below the 50 day […]

Jim Rogers ” You Should Be Prepared” Global Recession

I like watching Jim Rogers….somewhat entertaining however his statement ” You Should Be Prepared” is so true. This statement ” You Should Be Prepared” means you need a trading plan. You do not want to be bounced around the markets. You need to know what to buy/sell…when to exit with a loss or a profit…when […]

Trend Following Breakouts and Retracements $GDX $SPY

When we trend follow we either buy/sell breakouts or utilize trend retracements as entries…. We always look at the stock market first as everything is interconnected. In this video we discuss the stock market as well as the ETF GDX.

Trend Following the Stock Market Weekend Review $GDX $ELLI $MXL $QQQ

Been a very tough stock market for traders who are battling along with the bulls and bears. Fridays action was somewhat encouraging, albeit on lower volume. Lower volume does not show commitment rather a potential bear market rally. The market rallied due to jaw boning of crude cutbacks. Crude flew up and the stock market […]

Deutsche Bank Not a Trend To Follow If you are Long

I had a call yesterday of bottom fisher whose hands have been getting burned. He asked me what I thought about Deutsche Bank AG. I told him very simply, from a trend following perspective it was in a long down turn. Other than that, I do not have any opinion. He was exuberant as he […]

Bull Stock Market Highs 5/20/15 on the SP 2134.72 ?

After yesterday it might be fair to say we saw the Bull Stock Market Highs 5/20/15 on the SP 2134.72. 7/20/15 on the QQQ at 5231.94 also looks the highs for the current cycle. From a trend following standpoint I have been stating repeatedly the situation. My students have avoided a great deal of the […]

Andreas Clenow Trend Following Top Traders Unplugged

I want to share this the site. I truly enjoy listening…

“Never accept the old-style, blackbox explanation – always understand what is going on.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

In our continued conversation with Andreas Clenow, we discuss the research and work that goes into making his trading model, how he deals with risk and drawdowns, […]