Do You Have a Bear Market Trading Plan -Trend Following

2015 has been considered one of the worst years since 2009.Many have told me that it does not matter as they have already made money. However I truly doubt many if any at all got in early in 2009. Probably more like earliest entry into the stock market 2012…or even later….

My answer is I have no idea where the stock market is going. All I do know is that stock markets do not go up forever. There are always Bear Markets. Most people are hurt by bear markets. They do not have a Bear market trading plan. They believe in buy and hold….
As you can see in the charts below Bear markets can be gut wrenching….dow1

Bear Markets resets the stock market and cleans the excesses. There are always new stock market winners. The greatest profits are those coming out of Bear markets….not at the end of 7 year extend markets…

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