Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 12202015 $QQQ $SPY

One word sums up the stock market from a trend following perspective”UGLY”. It was not easy for bulls or bears…The QQQ closed below the 50 day EXMA and SPY closed below both the 50 EXMA and 200 EXMA. This is not healthy for a bull market. This bull market is almost turning 7 years old. Bull markets do not last…there are always intermissions of a bear market. Especially when interest rates start moving. There is another word that comes to mind…Caution. As much as anything can happen, the risks seem high at the present time. The best time to invest is after a correction. More so after a deep bear market when fear is rampant….this is potentially the best time to compound money…

Most of my stocks have hit their 7% stop loss. I just have position and my watch is not the largest at this point as many leaders are failing. Please watch and learn from this video…This is my goal is to share and become your trend following mentor.

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