Trend Following Learning From Stock Market Big Winners $QQQ $SPY $GMCR

Trend following stocks is always staying on top of your game. You need to read. You need to be aware and mostly you need to constantly learn. I take the holiday periods to look at trades I took and ones that I did not take in order to become a better stock trend follower. One […]

Mistakes that Destroy Investors Profits- Trend Following

A colleague of mine sent me this post. It is so true…However so many miss out on the Mistakes that Destroy Investors Profits!!!

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.


Making a Simple System and Sticking To It- Traders Unplugged Trend Following

Part of trading and trend following success…or better said…attempted trading success is constant learning. Learning methods and probably more so, learning about yourself. I like listening to Traders Unplugged. There are always valuable insights that can be gleaned.

I just listened to Robert Carver. What was most interesting is that he said he was not […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 12202015 $QQQ $SPY

One word sums up the stock market from a trend following perspective”UGLY”. It was not easy for bulls or bears…The QQQ closed below the 50 day EXMA and SPY closed below both the 50 EXMA and 200 EXMA. This is not healthy for a bull market. This bull market is almost turning 7 years old. […]

Trend Following is Dead According to Billionaire Jim Simons

Jim Simons was a mathematician and cryptographer before he started Renaissance Hedge Fund. Jim Simmons became a billionaire from trading. He had a presentation with TED in which he said that trend-following stopped working long ago. In fact, short-term trend-following was arbitraged out in the 1980s he states.

Over the years trend following has been […]

Trend Following Blog and Website back up

Wanted to apologize for not posting. My trend following site was hacked. Took several weeks to overcome. I think we are there now… Thank you for the emails…. Hoping to share more trend following insights… Best Andy

Making a Simple System and Sticking To It

It is important to build a network of fellow traders. I have people all over the world I email and chat with. A friend of mine from London sent me this soundcloud file on Robert Carver. He knows him personally..

Robert Carver spends most of his book telling you that he is not a good […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 12.06.2015 $DY $FB $AMZN

Every Sunday I go through my watch list of stocks and study the prior weeks action of the stock market from a trend following perspective. We possibly are in the later stages of one of the most hated bull markets ever. There is great fear and many have thought the stock market will crash. They […]