Stocks Fall in High Volume 5 Distribution Days #HA #UVE#Trendfollowing

Rally or Bear Market fake out….Good question…No answer… Fact 1. We are below 200 day moving averag 2. Yesterdays action was in high volume 3. 5 Distribution days 4. Anything can happen 5. Have a plan 6. Trade nimbly in times like this ( at least I am)

However HA and UVE had nice […]

Resistance at the 200 Day Line #UVE #NKE #trendfollowing

Early bear market rally or just a simple correction in a much longer bull market? That has been the topic of conversation. The reality is we are still below the 200 Day moving average which is a negative. Some leading stocks have become to breakout such as UVE and NKE, however some sector leaders broke […]

Stock Market Follow Through or Failed Rally #UVE #EPAM #FLTX #Trendfollowing

Had this question last night….Stock Market Follow Through or Failed Rally? My usual response…my crystal ball is not working…I just have to follow my rules. I do not like that the indexes are below both the 50 and 200 day exponential moving averages. More so, we chalked up another distribution day.

On the positive […]

Trendfollowing is Dead Again articles

Been seeing these….the fact is trendfollowing a basket of commodities and futures has been VERY tough since 2011….but I am always the optimist for trendfollowing….

A hedge fund strategy that seems to have fizzled The ‘managed futures’ model has not been returning the numbers many were hoping for Published: 12:25 October 4, 2015 Gulf News […]

Snap Back Rally in the Stock Market – Trend Following

6 days in a row down and then poof. The bears started running. Yesterday was a snap back rally. The QQQ led the way higher with a gain of 2.28% while the SPY gained 1.91%. Volume was higher across the board, a sign that large institutional players were buying stocks. Market internals were strong and […]