TrendFollowing- The Bear Story Stock Market is Becoming More Relevant

Yesterday was an UGLY day in the stock market. However I can confirm that most of my clients are on the sidelines of the stock market. They have learned how to read the market and are simply trend following. They realize this market can do anything. They are positioned to be buyers once again….or simply […]

TrendFollowing Concepts Institutional Investors Use

When we trendfollow stocks it is always a great idea to trade with the institutions. Institutions can only trade liquid stocks. Alot of stock trend following is common sense. All we have to do is read the newspapers and be aware. For instance, cyber security is always in the news. How many of you use […]

The Art of TrendFollowing

As much as we have rules when we trend follow, there is some aspect of “Art” when trend following stocks. I am referring to the selection of stocks when trend following. Yes we want certain fundamental aspects….and technical….but we can not buy everything….That is what this video is about… The Art of TrendFollowing


TrendFollowing Watch List For Leading Stocks $FB $PANW $AMZN

We still seem to be in a correction. No one knows when we will have a recovery or if the recent lows will be tested. Regardless of all of this. Every weekend I prepare a watch list of the strongest stocks in my personal opinion. This is not a recommendation nor simply a buy list. […]

The Meaning of TrendFollowing

Humility and willing to learn constantly. Learn constantly about yourself and study your past trades.

Trend Following Takes Patience and a Complete Trading Plan

Trend Following is not magical. Trend Following Takes Patience and a Complete Trading Plan. Watch this youtube video to learn more…

Warren Buffett’s Persistence In Working with Ben Graham

Warren Buffett was a victim of reverse anti-Semitism. When Buffett originally wanted to work for his mentor Ben Graham, on Wall Street, Graham said, “no”. Buffett was shocked and asked why. Graham told him it was because he wasn’t Jewish. Graham wanted to save a spot in the firm for a Jewish person. To be […]

Stock Market Roller Coaster #SPY #QQQ

Today was another fun day at the amusement park; especially the wild ride of the Stock Market roller coaster…Even with today’s action the major averages are still below the highs of the reaction rally after the sell off. Leading stocks were up strongly as would have been expected. I want to reiterate I am not […]

Trading proverbs

Trading proverbs “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.” ~ T. A. Edison

5 Tough Years for Managed Futures and Trend Following

It has been a tough 5 years for managed futures and trend following. I received a report from Winton one of the largest and well known trend following managers…Worth a read if you are in the managed futures arena as well as trend following…