From Doctor to Hedge Fund Trend Following Manager

I had a very pleasant surprise. Several years ago when I started teaching I had the good fortune to teach a doctor who was an internist in a Midwest hospital. He was an avid learning and extremely hard working….

Today I got an invite over LinkedIn and looked at his profile…

I am currently working […]

The Resistance of the 200 Day Moving Average – Trend Following

As I have said many times…The 200 Day Moving Average is the line of delineation of bears and bulls.

If the Nasdaq and SPY can get back above this level with some conviction & stay there there is a good chance we could be moving higher. Conversely, if not then lower prices are likely […]

Relief Rally or a New Bull Run? Trend following Stock Market Question

After a decline as large as we saw in the last week a rally is to be expected. The key in my mind now is the 200dma on the COMPQ. The index is now 2% below this moving average which is now resistance. If the index can break above this level with some strength it […]

Is Trading Forex for experienced traders only?

Is Trading Forex for experienced traders only?

We have all seen the ads and headlines on various blogs, prompting the reader to try his shot at trading the different currency pairs of various countries as if it was the easiest thing to do in the world. But trading carries a high amount of risk, and […]

Finance: Best Advice for Investors

Actually a Rabbi of mine that is a tremendous amount of inspiration and strength sent this to me…

Wanted to share…These are his opinions…BTW Gold is in a downtrend from a trend following perspective but that can change….

The world stock markets continue to tumble and people are looking for “safe” havens for investment. Who […]

In Just Three Trading days the Stock Market Changed!

In just three trading days the market has completely changed its character from a friendly bull market to something entirely different – a bear market or just a nasty correction? My students have avoided this volatility by using simple rules. I have checked in with them and not one of them was hurt by recent […]

This is a Stock Market To Stay Out of-4,500 Points Intraday!!!

One would have to be on Mars not to have heard of yesterdays volatility in the stock market. Even my wife knew of the 1,000 point crash and later some what of a rebound. When markets are this wild….the sidelines with cash are the place to be. Only fools try to catch bottoms without a […]

Importance of Post Stock Trades

I can not stress enough how important it is to study all past trades as well as winning trades that were missed. This really is the best way to improve. I have my written rules yet stock trading is still somewhat of an art.

Post analysis during times of stock market sell offs make you […]

1929 or 1987 or Are We in for a Bounce in the Stock Market?

Guess what…I actually had this question posed to me after Friday’s action. No one has a crystal ball but for quite a long time I have been out of this choppy grinding market. I recently had a post about Apple before it imploded. I would assume students that followed the rules in which I taught […]

Most Stocks Down 2.39% Less Leading Stocks

Sure the market is healthy! Why are you worried…That was a call I had yesterday…However now we have 10 Distribution when in the past 6 were enough to tip the market. More so the Nasdaq is now well below it’s 50 day moving average and the SPY is sitting on it’s 200 day moving average. […]