Stock Market Breadth Not Overly Healthy

Our job as stock market investors is to know where we stand not just on our stocks…but the whole market. My model went to cash on the SP 500 Friday. It has been rather whippy…however another nail on this bull market might be the signs of weakness presented in the market breadth…

A picture speaks […]

Metastock Live Webinar Increasing Trading Returns

Yesterday I had a live Thompson Reuters Metastock Webinar….you can view below…

Increasing Trading Returns and Decreasing Draw Downs Through Trend Following

15 Year Highs on the Nasdaq- Long to Wait to Recover

Can you imagine 15 years being upside down in your investment. All those great tech stocks blew up. If one to watch CNBC they might believe Dow 40,000. Now after 15 years either you have quit and never want to hear about the stock market or you want to learn how to stay on the […]

“Recession Ahead” Watch out so says the Economist

Actually it might even be prudent to be a contrarian….Wouldn’t it be interesting if the markets rallied????

Trading Flaws that Prevent One From Reaching Their Potential

We all carry our personal baggage when we trade. That is why psychology is so important yet so many never invest the time to properly learn this attribute.

As I have taught many traders and mentor many I have seen common trading flaws…

1. Some never want to admit a trade does not work and […]

Can Zoes Breakout Happen $ZOES

Zoes is a chain of restaurants and had a great deal of volume….I am very skeptical of this market and it has been only a stock pickers market….I am long ever so slightly QLD. The SPY have gone to cash already…From the longside…Zoes could be interesting…and on the short side CMG could be a short […]

What promotions can FreshForex company offer?

Do you want to find a reliable broker to achieve some success on Forex market? Then you need to take a closer look at FreshForex company – this broker has been providing one of the best trading conditions for last 10 years.

Сhoosing a broker most traders pay attention not only to its reputation, but […]