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Interview with Top Traders – What is the #1 Thing That is Absolutely Critical to a Trader’s Success?

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Trading is tough.

There is much to learn with a lot of noise out there.

But what if you could skip the fluff and […]

How to Avoid Choppy Stock Market Periods

There is a simple answer on How to Avoid Choppy Stock Market Periods..You can’t!!! You have to keep on plugging away in the stock market….However using a combination of moving averages and % moves to the up and down you can stay on the right side of the stock market…


New Stock Market Leaders – Will the Rally Continue?? $CYBR $SKX $PANW

Been a choppy market. Many prior leaders have failed…however a new crop seem to be surfacing…. I am personally watching the below..however this is not a shopping list…nor are they recommended. Do your own homework…It is very easy to lose money when trading High Growth Stocks


Past […]

Are We Headed for a Stock Market Crash? $TWTR $LKND $HAR

Many of the leading stocks are getting clobbered. Marc Faber came out with the statement he believes the stock market will fall 40%!!!!!

All one has to do is look at twitter, Linkedin or Harman. I am not a bear nor a bull. I am a trend follower. I see alot of distribution days. I […]