With High Distribution Day Counts Might Be Prudent Not to Be in the Stock Market

Currently we have 7 Distribution days on both the SPY and the QQQ. This shows strong institutional selling. It is like fighting an upstream battle in the stock market. One can look at the shares in which they bought and see how they are working. I try to pick the strongest stocks both fundamentally and […]

The Battle for the 50 Day Moving Averages on the Stock Market

There is a battle in the stock market over the 50 day moving average. Stock Market Bulls and Bears are battling to see which direction the stock market will trend. Please consider we have currently 7 Distribution days on both SPY and QQQ. This shows a great deal of institutional selling.

Why Did the Stock Market Sell off So Hard? $QQQ

Does the stock market really need a reason. Just look at Sonic. They reported good earnings and the stock tanked. One key has been the preponderance of Distribution days. They have been in the 6 range in both the SPY and QQQ. Caution should be exercised at this juncture and trades should have exact pre […]

Twitter Breakout Trade Trend Following Study $TWTR $QQQ

Yesterday Twitter broke out of cup and handle. It is a good example even if it does not work of combining a fundamental approach and a technical approach.

Leading Stocks However the Strength of the Stock Market is Questionable

Educational only! You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

The Market is not overly strong. Actually there are 5 distribution days on both the QQQ and SPY. The question is will the market over come this weakness….Take this into account the age of the stock market 6 years +. This is not overly favorable. […]

US Dollar Became Swiss Cheese Trend Following

The reality is trend following is never easy. For US Dollar Bulls the reality became very clear yesterday. The US Dollar became Swiss Cheese yesterday. The US Dollar fell 5% as in a flash crash. Virtually every trend follower was long US Dollar and short virtually every other currency. This is the reality of trend […]

What is Successful Stock Trading- Combining Fundamental & Technical $MDVN $QQQ

In one’s quest for successful stock trading a combination of fundamental and technical analysis is needed. One first most know where they stand in the stock market. Then they want to find successful profitable companies….and then probably most importantly know exactly when to buy them….


Interest Rate Hike A Margin Call on Assets

Interesting video regarding the potential upcoming interest rate hikes from Saxo Bank.

How Low Can Oil Go? Contrarian Indicator?

I have been flooded with questions regarding how low can oil go. Should I buy USO?. Firstly I tell those who ask…. 1. Have a plan 2. Do not ask anyone 3. Be your own Guru 4. I am not a Registered investment advisor…

However many times magazine covers can be considered a contrarian indicator. […]

Trading with a Full-Time Job

From Steve LeMoine Founder & Head Trader

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Trading with a Full-Time Job

There is a common misconception that successful traders are the ones who are able to concentrate on the markets 24/7. Being able to dedicate all of their time to the markets is the very reason […]