Interesting High Growth Stocks


Not a suggestion…rather take a look!!!

Nasdaq 10 days up 5% extended from 50 Day Moving Average CAUTION

Anything can happen when we trade…however this is one of the oldest and extended stock markets over the last 100 years….With the Nasdaq 10 days up 5% extended from 50 Day Moving Average CAUTION is advised!!!!

Trade with a plan….Know when to exit with a profit as well as a loss

Pyramiding your way to Profits in the Stock Market via Trend Following

When you have conviction and the market is coming out of a Bear Market depending on your personality you might want to consider pyramiding your stock positions and increasing your potential profits via trend following and trend following breakouts… Watch this educational video to learn more….Remember trading is risky…you can lose money…It takes commitment and […]

Formula For Success Trend Following & Investing in Stocks

Technical Breakouts + Strong earnings both current and annual+Market Uptrend= Trend following Success trading stocks.

Strongest Stocks Strongest Sectors Watch List- Trend Following High Growth Stocks

Below are a list of some of the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors. This is not a shopping list or a buy list just an educational list of stocks that have shown recent strength. Do your own research however learn from these stocks…However anything will and can happen. Trade with a complete trading plan. […]

Meet Ed Seykota- Every Trend Followers Dream

Meet Ed Seykota in Person!!! An experience of a lifetime to meet Ed Seykota personally. Every trendfollowers dream

The Realities of Trend Following From a Trend Following Legend

I just spoke to a potential student and shared him some of the thoughts of David Druz a legendary trend follower…

Thought to share…

The Bible of Trend Following

I’ve been trading for investors for over 30 years. My first fund, Tactical Commodity Fund started in mid-1981. Tactical’s current program began in 1993 as an […]

Example of a Potential Shorting Opportunity of Tesla Stock $SPY $TSLA $QQQ

Lets face it…Tesla is a cool car…However from a stock standpoint now it is in a severe down trend. As a trend follower we want to follow the trend not our opinions. In this short video will discuss from an educational standpoint a conversation I had with one of my students regarding Tesla and a […]

Triple Digit Earning Growth Trend Following Stock Market Leaders $SPY $QQQ $LCI

Trend following is never easy. It is not making millions in up markets and in down markets. It takes alot of work and determination ( which most do not have). Companies that are very profitable can potentially generate some big stock moves. Watch this educational video on how I approach the stock market and my […]

Combining Technical and Fundamental Aspects to Improve Stock Trading $AKRX $QQQ $SPY

Stock trading success can be enhanced by combining both technical and fundamental aspects. In this educational example yesterday I purchased AKRX based on it’s profitability and technical breakout.

Watch this trend following video to learn more.