Trend Following Is Not that Complicated?

Trend Following is not that complicated.

This was an email of a friend of mine. I believe in theory he is right…however there are always draw downs and worse extended periods of no profits. I am actually in one and it is one of the longest durations of drawdowns I have ever been in….Read below…and […]

Jim Cramer Thinks We Could be in a Market Correction- Maybe We Buy!!! $SPY $QQQ $STUDY

“We are in treacherous territory,” says Jim Cramer.

As correct as Jim Cramer has been…Maybe we look to go long?????

Buying Oppurtunity or Beginning of a Bear Market $SPX $NDX $Study

With the Nasdaq dropping 2% and the S&P 500 losing 2.1% yesterday is this a buying opportunity or the beginning of something else? No one has a crystal ball nor do they need to know the future. They do need to have a complete trading plan all thought out. I have been safely out of […]

Learning from Trend Following Experts with Decades of Experience

I was at a conference and met the people behind the website Traders unplugged. They have some of the best interviews. Today on the treadmill I listened to Martin Lueck from Aspect Capital. As I have been trading since 1994, it is always good to be open to ideas of other trend followers. Martin Lueck […]

Resistance at the 50 Day Moving Averages $SWKS $TRN $SLCA Drops

There are basically 2 main schools of thoughts in trading, technical & fundamental. I am of the schooling of technical. Interesting enough my daughter who works for a firm is more bent on fundamental. Regardless the key is to attempt to keep inevitable losses small. Currently the market is not healthy as the way I […]

Relief Rally Or Bull Market Continuation? $SPY

Only if I had a crystal ball. As we stand this rally…relief rally or whatever you might want to call it we saw Volume dropped on both the Nasdaq and the NYSE. Advancing stocks led declining issues by a 2-to-1 ratio on the NYSE and the Nasdaq. However it can be easily said there was […]

How To Tell An Uptrend In Stocks Is Over?

Supposedly no one ever rings a bell…when an uptrend is over.

No one knows how deep and long a correction will go. That is why I am a cautious investor.

The stock market typically signals a recession long before the trouble is obvious. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the 16-month recession in […]

5 year Old Bull – How Much Longer can the Party Last?

How much longer can this bull market continue? Anyway you look at it, this is a time to be cautious. This is an old bull market and markets do not go up forever. With all the QE for ever this will be ending shortly. So what do you do? At this time it is prudent […]