Trend-Following Through the Rates Cycle​​​ Pimco Study

I have a colleague in London who sent me this interesting article. It is from Pimco…all credits to them…

Some investors have been concerned that the historical success of trend-following – a quantitative strategy that seeks positive returns by capturing momentum across major asset classes – might unravel in a period of range-bound or rising […]

The S&P 500 is up 200% since the March 2009 Lows- What to Do Now!- As per Mike

I have a colleague who sent me this email. I thought to share it as most investors I believe will get it wrong…

The S&P 500 is up 200% since the March 2009 lows.

That’s great if you’ve been fully invested since then, but let me ask you one question…

When do you ring the […]

All Time New Highs & Multi Year Highs only to add another Distribution day-The return of the Hindenburg Omen signal

While everyone was jumping up and down on Alibaba the internals of the stock market took another hit. Another distribution day was added to the Nasdaq making a total now of a cluster of 5. I exited at a clustering of 4 distribution days even though the moving averages and % increases & drops have […]

SP Hits New Highs- So Much for 4 Distribution Days…

Yellen has overcome the time tested rule of clustering of distribution days….The SP 500 hit new highs. The trend is up. QE forever. However at some point this will end very badly. It always does. That is why one needs to trade with a complete trading plan.

Regardless of opinions trading plans must be followed […]

Chart Pattern Guide Lines

Regardless of what you trade this chart pattern sheet might assist your trading. However it is only part of your trading plan…You need to know how much to buy or sell…when to exit with a loss or profit…and follow your plan with discipline…


Wide-Moat Alibaba

I had this emailed to me and wanted to share…

By R.J. Hottovy, CFA | 09-17-14 | 05:00 PM | Email Article Alibaba’s (BABA) long-awaited initial public offering is expected to price on Sept. 18 and trading set to begin the next day. The company recently raised its price to between $66 and $68 per […]

Perhaps this time it really is different, though..Stock Market Margin Debt

Sure Janet Yellen reassures the market and poof the market jumps. No risk any more!!! Buy and hold and simply get rich. Actually was in a meeting yesterday discussing just this. Why do you try to “time the market”? I countered by I would not feel comfortable being down 50% once over 10 years but […]

Where is the Nasdaq Sitting Currently $QQQ $QLD

Everyone who has been invested in the leading stocks and Nasdaq realized that markets do not just go up. Not just did the Nasdaq go down…it went down hard on large volume. The Nasdaq registered another distribution day making the total currently 4. What is worse is the clustering of the distribution days. We have […]

Is the Tide of the Stock Market Turning Bearish? $SPY $QQQ

It can be easily said that Friday’s action was simply ugly. This leaves one to question if a long over due correction could be at hand. I want to clarify I am not a bull nor a bear. I simply read the market action every day. The stock market opened lower and it just kept […]

Is the Stock Market Rally Starting to Crack? $SPY $QQQ $QLD $BITA $CMCM

Five years plus depending if you look at 2009 or potentially 2011, this is an old bull market. I have heard repeatedly from investors we are now in a “New Secular Mega Bull Market”. I am so glad they know. I sure do not. I take it day by day with a complete trading plan. […]