All Time Highs – Time to Celebrate for the SPY and QQQ?

Headlines are rampant that we have hit all time highs…GREAT…lets throw prudence out. Lets put all of our money in the stock market. Come on we have not had a significant decline since I do not know! The Fed has fixed it that the stock market never falls any more!

For full disclosure, I am long both the QQQ and leveraged QLD as per my trading plan. You do not want to follow your opinions rather follow the trend.

Yesterday, the SPY did not manage to hold above 2000 though, pulling back to a close of 1997.92. Maybe it is nothing…maybe it is…time will tell. More so the volume was not rocketing. This is what is concerning…I look for increased prices with increased volume…This was not forthcoming…

My point is not to get whipped into the hype and have an exact trading plan. In the attached picture you can see exactly where I buy and sell based on simple robust rules that stand the direct possibility to stand the test of time. If you would like to learn these…I offer one on one private mentoring…


Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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