Gold Rush in Sand $HCLP

Stock Market Sentiment Indicators $SPY $QQQ

Sentiment Indicators:

8/28/14 – NYSE Short Interest Ratio = 5.21% = 5 year high

8/28/14 – AAII Sentiment Survey Optimism exceeded 50% for the first time since last December, and for just the fourth time since February 2011.

This Week:

Bullish: 51.9%, up 5.8 points Neutral: 28.8%, down 1.4 points Bearish: 19.2%, down 4.4 points


FaceBook Symmetrical Triangle Potential Breakout

Facebook has an interesting setup for today. Clearly Facebook is in an uptrend. As shown in the diagram below it is attempting to breakout of a symmetrical triangle. When I trade setups like this, I use a tight stop ( the low of the prior bar). The pattern either works or does not. What is […]

Retracement trades that Work $BITA

Not that I am jumping up or down…the other day I mentioned $BITA as a potential retracement trade. What matters is not if the trades work or not, rather the position sizing and the stops. This trade simply just happened to work. This is what I teach…trend breakouts and trend retracements…




All Time Highs – Time to Celebrate for the SPY and QQQ?

Headlines are rampant that we have hit all time highs…GREAT…lets throw prudence out. Lets put all of our money in the stock market. Come on we have not had a significant decline since I do not know! The Fed has fixed it that the stock market never falls any more!

For full disclosure, I am […]

Retail Investors in the Stock Market- Another Sign of a Top $SPY $QQQ

There are 2 groups in the stock market….Smart money and stupid money…Institutional money and retail investor money. Retail investors always get in at the top and sell at the bottom. Even though I am long and following my system I am cautious due to low volume rally we are experiencing as well as the bullishness […]

Symmetrical Triangle Breakout Potential $OTEX

Pattern continuation patterns are another way to get into trends. Open Text is a leading stock that had a big gap up. Now it is trying to take out a symmetrical triangle. You can simply buy the breakout and put your stop in at the prior low or even prior 2 day low. Any trade […]

Gap Up Trades You Do not Want to See if you Long $MNST $QQQ

If a stock is truly stock you want to see a gap up on strong volume as Monster did ,but not fall back down again. This type of signal can even be construed as an exit of a long or even a short..

Swing Trade $JMEI $QQQ Pull Back in a Trend

Currently I am long the QQQ and QLD which have been quite. What is interesting is that we have been hitting new highs yet the leaders have not shown complete strength. It will be either catch up or fail time.

Jumei Intl has had a nice pull back. Trades like this give you an opportunity […]

Swing Trade Setup on $BITA Bit Auto $QQQ

Trend Following involves breakout trades and retracement trades or Swing Trades. Bit Auto is one of the strongest stocks currently. However last several days has had a pull back. One could theoretically buy the high of yesterday and put the stop in the lows. In theory you want to buy the strongest stocks in the […]