Ed Seykota’s Trading Tribe Concept for Trend Following

Ed Seykota has a group called Trading Tribe. I am fortunate to be in a group that is similar to Ed Seykota’s Trading Tribe. There is a group of 11 of us from around the world and we meet on Skype once a month to discuss investing in the stock market and stocks. It requires “citizenship” meaning that we must contribute and assist each other. There is one portfolio manager, there is a man from India…another from Hong Kong, one in California as well as from the UK. We are a diverse group with different backgrounds. We each bring to the table valuable concepts in order to improve our trading and investing. The concept is not for stock tips…but rather processes and methods to improve…

This is a closed group however I am willing to share my knowledge that I have gathered from this group as well as my years of experience in the markets. If you are looking for a personal mentor with one on one mentoring…Lets talk

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