Turtle Trader William Eckhardt on Optimization with Mechanical Trading Systems

William Eckhardt is a legendary commodity trader. He had a bet with Richard Dennis if trading could be taught. This was the start of the turtle program. Some of these traders succeeded and some did not. The irony was they all learned the same system. The difference is how they approached risk and dealt with […]

$10 Billion Hedge Fund Investor Ramius Opens a Managed Futures Fund

$10.6 billion hedge fund investment platform and the global investment arm of Cowen Group, Inc., Ramius LLC is in the process of opening a managed futures fund. The new fund gives investors exposure to a high-conviction portfolio of managed futures managers. Putting things into perspective, managed futures have had one of the worst periods over […]

Longest Bull Market Run in Years #SPY #QQQ

This is where we are headed currently. Think of all your friends how have new houses and cars from this bull market. Did you make the money like them? Then there are all the pundits who bring out the issues of the housing bubble, dot com bubble and claim this is the mother of all […]

Turtle Trader Richard Dennis Quote

Are High Yield Bond Funds Worth the Risk HYG?

With record low interest rates, it seems some are starting to question the risk attributed to High yield funds such as HYG. Currently I am on a sell on this which is interesting as I still have a buy on various bond funds. The key is to have a plan and not chase returns. High […]

Potential Buy able Gap UP Stocks $FB $UA

Due to earning season Facebook and Under Armour had a buy able gap yesterday. What is favorable of both of these leading stocks was that this move was on high volume. However, there are questions as to the strength of the market currently. Yes, the stock market is moving to new highs, however there are […]

Having Patience When Trend Following

You do not need to be in the market all the time. You do need to be prepared at all times. However there are times like now in the stock market that the direction is not totally clear. The stock market is a game of odds. The greatest returns are coming out of bear markets. […]

Listening to Opinions When Trend Following

I just received an email telling me why this trader was so bullish. I am sure all of you have received emails that are bullish as well as bearish. The key to your success is to follow your own plan and do not listen to others. Build a trading plan. Accept the fact there will […]

Large Negative Divergence MACD in SP 500 $SPY

A pictures worth a thousand words or in this case thousands of dollars. You do not want to see new highs and a negative divergence on the index. Combine this also with 5 distribution days. Not the most positive at this point.

If you would like to learn about MACD Divergences and how to […]

Seeds of a Managed Futures Recovery

I was forwarded this article today regarding managed futures. It was produced by NewEdge.

If you are interested in managed futures worth a read…

Click here for the article

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