Stock Market Hitting New Highs- However Stock Leaders are NOT Leading

Currently we are in a later stage move in the stock market. If you look at it from 2009 lows or even 2011 lows, this is an old tired bull market. Yes we are hitting new highs on the indexes, however there is a lack of leading stocks. This is not a positive sign for the stock market coupled with low volume.

The major averages and leading stocks seem at best to be drifting higher with out a lot of punch to them. As in all cases you need a complete trading plan. If you do not have one, you really should not be trading. Losses can be devastating in bear markets. If you want to improve your trading and seeking one on one mentoring lets set up a time to speak. I have been in the markets since 1994. Seen bull markets as well as bear markets.

All Bull markets end at some point!

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