Stock Market Status 6302014 $SPY $QQQ $FB

Stock Market Status 6302014 Currently it seems all are bullish. We are knocking at the door of a 5 year high of optimism. Depending on which measurement we are at an extreme. Combine this with the fact that we have had 3 Distribution days on the SP 500 and 2 on the Nasdaq attention needs […]

Jerry Parker Chesapeake- Original Turtle Trader Podcast -Love Your Losses & Draw downs

Jerry Parker from Chesapeake Capital is one of the original turtle traders. He has a podcast called Love your losses and your draw downs….

Suggest you listen

Trend Following Mentor One on One Mentoring Sessions….

This is truly my goal to help investors and traders better themselves…If I can assist you in your trading… Please email me…

Andy, Thank you for sharing and teaching so much. Most people would not have the generosity to share such valuable material.

I have learned more in the few months since I have […]

Trend Following Stock Leaders $UA $FB $BITA $ATHL $VIPS $GILD $TSLA

The following are a short list of trend following stock leaders…Do your own homework. These are what show up on my screens. These are not personal recommendations


Past performance is not indicative of future performance

I Made 50% Last Year Trend Following Stocks- Can Do Better!!!

Yesterday I had one of my one on one sessions with a gentleman and to my surprise in the middle of the session he told me he made 50% last year. My first reply was “Why do you need me”? He thought he can even do better with my help. I agree, I think he […]

Fear Overriding a Trading Plan -Trend Following

I had an interesting conversation with one of my students whom I have been having one on one mentoring sessions. Not sure if interesting is the best description. Actually it was troubling. As I always say there is so much more to trading than just an indicator or a system.

There are emotions…such as […]

Stock Market Goes Up on Terrible Economic News $QQQ $SPY

The good news first,the stock market rebounded pretty nicely from yesterday’s drop with the major averages regaining most of their losses. The $QQQ gained the most of the major averages with a gain of .68% while the $SPY advanced .49%. Small caps were the strongest with the RUT rising .80%. Volume was a little disappointing […]

Tuesday’s Stock Market Reversal $FB $GMCR $SPY $QQQ

Yesterday was the worst day since the rally began, and while the damage was limited attention should be raised. The result was a distribution day for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Currently we are running 3 distribution days on the SPY and 2 on the QQQ. The SPY led the way down with a loss […]

Following the Trend or Following the Headlines

I would strongly suggest one follow their own trading plan as a pose to the headlines. At the darkest point in the headlines are when new bull markets appear and conversely bear markets appear when all the headlines are shouting not just good news…but great news.

For example yesterday I saw the following headlines…

“Stocks […]

Commitment when Trading

Commitment is one of the biggest words for trading. It is also easy to quit. It is always easy to get busy and not pay attention to the markets. I have seen so many traders ignore the stock market once it goes into a correction. This is one of the biggest mistakes. Most of the […]