Your Trend Following Course is Great- Can I Prevent Losing Trades?

Yes…actually I had this conversation with a trader who wanted one one one mentoring. He started the conversation as “Your Trend Following Course is Great- Can I Prevent Losing Trades”?

To his absolute dismay, I told him yes…the only to prevent losing trades ( trades that do not work) is do not trade. He was […]

Kansas City Fed President Esther George Wants To Raise Interest Rates!!!!!

This morning I woke up to see one of the more trending aspects of my portfolio in the proverbial sea of red. Not that I am a bond bull or bear I found this not so surprising to see. Kansas City Fed President Esther George wants to raise interest rates. Isn’t it obvious? How can […]

Webinar Comment

Andrew great webinar…I love listening to you hope you do more of them…even though my system is abit different than yours it fits my personality and keeps me out of trouble and that is the important thing in trading…biggest thing i have learned ..THERE IS NO PERFECT SYSTEM!!!!

warmest regards T.

Is It Time to Look to Buy Biotech Stocks $XBI

Biotech stocks got hammered this year however fundamentally they have strong earnings. The EFT $XBI is down approx. 30% from the highs. It consolidated around the 200 EXMA. Recently it had a trend following breakout signal.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Institutional Investors Stepping back into the Stock Market

It is always easy to be somewhat of a pessimist. The stock market is having one of the longest ever bull runs. Regardless if you look at March of 2009 or in the Summer of 2011 caution is warranted. However our opinions mean nothing. We must be flexible and trade with exact defined rules.


Home Run Stock Trading with Metastock Andrew Abraham

Last night I did a webinar with Metastock regarding how to build a portfolio. Enjoy…

Home Run Stock Trading with Metastock Andrew Abraham

Why Do Stocks Fall on Good News? $AZO

When we trade, anything can happen. An interesting example is Autozone $AZO. Autozone is an extremely profitable company and beat earnings estimates, however the stock fell 4% yesterday. Situations like this are not uncommon. More so they are plain aggravating. Many fundamental traders will give a myriad of reasons. My simple take is anything can […]

Use Trading Rules if You Truly Want to Succeed When Trend Following & Trading

First off, the vast majority of traders lose money. In my opinion is that they trade their opinions or simply have no trading plan. I have spoken with various hedge funds as well as commodity trading advisors and their simple way of saying their opinion is that they are tactical. Nice word tactical however in […]

Does Trend Following & Trading Need to be Complicated?

“Everything we do we could do on the back of an envelope with a pencil.” Keith Campbell

Putting this statement into perspective Keith Campbell from Campbell and company has managed in excess of $4 Billion USD over the years. He has a 30 year track record of double digit positive returns.

Past performance is not […]

Reacting to the Current Market Trend

I recently was speaking with a large Hedge Fund and we were having a discussion regarding the concept of being fully invested when the stock market is healthy and going to cash when market conditions are in the bearish mode. We joked about the phrase regarding “Sell in May”.

This is not about predicting or […]