Went to CASH on the Stock Market

Just closed all stock positions….Followed the plan…was 50% invested…however today took out moving averages and key levels…

Trade with a complete plan….

Why Traders Failed- Insights from a Consistent Trader

This was forwarded…I take no credit for it…rather want to share it..

Part I

________________________________________ Why do most traders fail? Change your ways. Now.

(includes subtantial parts of a post by Ziad Masri)

edited by Carl Futia

I am someone who trades for a living. I have less than 10 years experience but I feel […]

Selloff On the Nasdaq Stock Market Under Pressure $QQQ $SPY $NFLX $VRX $ALXN $ACT

Yesterday we saw an extreme selloff in the leading stocks of this market. The current market is weak. The key is not to be a bear or bull…and read what the market is telling us. This bull market is one of the oldest in the last century. When it ends…it will not be pretty.. The […]

Stock Market Weakness in Biotech $ALXN $ACT $VRX $QQQ $SPY

The big question is …are we seeing a rotation in leaders or is the stock market topping. You need to take it day by day and not be a bear or a bull. However simple rules I use to stay on the right side of the stock market are showing weakness…

Watch and learn more…


Institutional Investors Trading Plan or Chasing Returns

It seems that even institutional investors chase returns. As much as the stock market was hard to trade last year…many investors and hedge funds under performed…now are they looking to play catch up?


Stock Market Trading & Trend Following- You Must Do your Work

There is no retirement in the box. In order to succeed in trading you must do your work. You must develop a methodology that matches your personality and risk… Watch to learn more…

Stock Lesson 3182014 $SPY $QQQ

As much as the market moved up and pared some of last weeks losses this action was on low volume. Couple the fact that we have marked one of the highest insider sellers since 1990 maybe the stock market is not all that healthy.

Stock Market Losses – There will always be losing trades

There is no way to avoid losses. You must have a trading plan and the discipline to follow the trading plan.

Stock Market Weakness $SPY $QQQ $FB $DATA $TSLA

The Stock Market is looking rather weak. Not being a bull or a bear…however caution should be heeded

Stock Market 2008- Stock Traders Have Forgotten the Risks $SPY $QQQ

After traveling all week, I have come to the conclusion that many investors have forgotten the inherent risks in the stock market.