Words & Thoughts How Power When You Trade & Trend Follow

Words have power. This might sound slightly bizarre however how you think and how you express yourself and effect your trading. I learned over many long years to say” How much is this going to cost me”. The rational is that I am accepting the fact the trade does not have to work and I can surely lose money. Words and statements will have a direct impact on your approach to trading and clearly to your profitability.

Trades either work or they do not. It is that simple when you are trading with a defined plan. Therefore it is not beneficial to say ” I lost money”, “I made money” or “I was smart or stupid”. Trading with a defined plan you follow the same patterns over and over again, accepting the risks, accepting the fact that the trades do not have work. A trading plan becomes a routine.

Words are sometimes subtle and sometimes harsh. They can have a profound effect upon how we view ourselves, our lives, our trading, our work, and our relationships with others. Trading is perceptions. You do not want to distort your trading by thinking negatively.


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