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Hedge Funds Turn Bearish on the Stock Market Should You Also Turn Bearish?

Many hedge funds have turned bearish recently. I had a conversation with a client that closed his position just for this reason. He did not follow his plan and was extremely frustrated. Wrong or right that the hedge funds are bearish…one must follow their own trading plan.

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Bearish Statement on the Stock Market $SPY

“The man who is a bear on the future of the United States will always go broke.” – J.P. Morgan

Leading Stocks 2 23 2014 $FB $GMCR $YELP $VRX $DATA $JAZZ $ACT $TSLA $UA $SPY

When trend following you follow the direction of the market. You have a plan. You look to buy the strongest stocks if you can only risk a small percentage of your account size. You do not want to chase stocks. You want to identify them and try to buy them on a pullback if you […]

Looking Risk Right in the Eye When Trading

Received a nice email that I thought to share…


I am really appreciating what I am learning from you. Before I thought, “Wow, I just bought a stock and it is up 5% in a day, fantastic.” But now I see, “Wow, I am still at risk in that position if it doesn’t […]

Staying Focused & Relaxed when Trading

Successful trading begins in the mind. The best traders find a way to relax and get focused, whether it’s listening to music, taking a walk, exercising, or meditating. Taking time away from the market is important. A trader must get back to a grounded place in order to think clearly and operate from a non […]

Even Expert Opinions on the Nasdaq and Silver Can Be Wrong $QQQ $SLV

Having opinions on markets will not lead you to successful trading. Even the experts such as George Soros with his extremely bearish position on the stock market might be wrong. I learned this years ago by attending a conference with Leo Melamed from the CME. He spoke about his biggest trading mistake. This left a […]

Peak Cattle? Will it be like Peak Oil and Gold? $GLD

If you live in California you are well aware of the current drought situation. I live thousands of miles away however read an article this morning which was disturbing at least and confirming in another. Some professor was stating the that current condition of drought in California is just the beginning and going to get […]

Another Reason Traders Fail- Lack of Training

It is a known fact that most traders fail. I had a discussion with a colleague yesterday and we came to the conclusion that most traders fail, falls into the simple fact that they had no true training. ( Sadly there are too many snake oil sellers promising success when they themselves do not even […]

Focusing on What Really Matters in Trading Success For Trend Followers

I am in a fortunate position that I speak to many traders during the day. I have a large variety of traders, from old timers like myself as well as many new and aspiring traders who want to improve their trading results. What surprises the new traders is the fact that trading indicators or trading […]