Do You Know Where the Stock Market is Going Bull or Bear $SPY $QQQ

You do not need to know where the stock market is going in order to succeed in trading and trend following. You do need a complete trading plan with what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy and when to exit with a loss or profit.

This short video discusses the current stock […]

Consider Getting Defensive- Avoiding Bear Markets

Considering the markets have been selling off and currencies are plunging you might want to consider picking up my book from Amazon regarding Bear Markets. It is only 2.99 and can save you for a crippling bear market.

How To Avoid Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression


Stock Market in a Correction with one of the Longest Bull Markets in History

Currently this is one of the longest bull markets. However we are in a correction. In all of my videos I have explained the reasons.

I am not a bull or a bear. The idea is to build a trading plan that you can follow.

Trend Following Setups with 7 Distribution Days $SPY $QQQ

I have many many trend following retracment setups after the market slide last week. However what is bothersome is that we are below the 50 day Exponential moving averages with 7 distribution days. Want to see if there will somewhat of a rebound before looking to participate. There has been HEAVY institution selling…However one must […]

I have made over 70% per Year for the Last 7 Years- Algorithmic Trading

I was in a meeting 2 weeks ago with a money manager who told me this. Great..Sign me up…Retirement in a box! Well as much as I am extremely skeptical there are some beyond unique money managers such as DE Shaw and Jim Simmons who fall into this category…However I have been allocating and investing […]

Trading the News or Trading the Trend as a Trend Follower $SPY $UNG $HPY $QQQ

Over the weekend had emails and calls from viewers and from a client. There was concern regarding last weeks stock market action. What I gleaned from this was the complete lack of trading plans from both private and even professionals. My point in this short video is to present the need of a trading plan […]

Trend Following Success is Working on the Process

Success in trend following is not about magical indicators or retirement in the box systems. It is analyzing the trading process and as importantly your own mental state. I just finished my trading for the week. I looked at entries…exits…position sizing…my emotional state before and after the trades. It was a complete introspection. That is […]

Ordinary Investors Re Engaged- TD Waterhouse $AMTD Sign of a Top

Magazine covers sometimes can be taken as a contrarian indicator. On Jan 24th Investors Business Daily featured on the front page with the Headline” Ordinary Investors are Re- Engaged”. Time will tell if this was a contrarian signal of a bull market top. Do not be a bear or a bull…have a trading plan and […]

The Bible of Trend Following Accolade


I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I just finished reading your book, and it was extremely refreshing and helpful. The timing was particularly important. I have been immersing myself in trend following concepts for nearly four years, and after years of work and planning, I launched a fledgling money management […]

Do not Be a Stock Market Bear or Stock Market Bull Trend Following $SPY

My Saturday evening update regarding the recent trading days from a trend following perspective…