Trend Following Facebook $FB- Trend Breakout Failure or Trend Retracement? $SPY $DL $MU

In today’s video we look at Facebook from a trend following perspective. The Trend breakout now might be in question however it gives us a chance possibly to jump on board with a trend retracment trade. First I look at the SP 500 which is not giving the most optimistic picture. High count on distribution […]

Trend Following Leading Momentum Stocks $SPY $FB $LOPE $DL $QIWI

Today’s trend following of leading momentum stocks

Educational presentation- Not meant for any investment advice rather trading strategies. See full disclosures

1998 With Parabolic Moves Like Twitter Trend Following $TWTR $SPY

I am neither a bear or bull. I analyze where we are at and look to manage the risks as best as possible.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. The risk of loss in trading futures contracts, commodity options or forex can be substantial, and therefore investors should understand the risks […]

Entry Signals Are the Least Important When Trend Following

Too many look for the Holy Grail of entry signals when trend following. Actually the entry signal is secondary to money and risk management when trend following. Focus your time on learning about position sizing and money management. This in conjunction with proper trading psychology will separate you from all the wanna bee traders.

Best Trading Practices for Trend Followers

Best practices are those things that would contribute to your bottom line over a long period of time. These best practices are built on routines. I have the exact same routine every day for my trading. I am up at 5am down load my data and it is automatically entered into my trading platforms. Years […]

Trend Following Twitter $TWTR & Stock Market Melt Up $SPY $FB $QIWI

As I always say…Anything can happen. Twitter is only up about 50% or so in the past 2 weeks. Maybe it is 1998 once again….however red flags are waving for me. These red flags does not mean we will have an imminent stock market crash however weigh out the evidence and trade with a complete […]

Interpreting What the Stock Market is Currently Doing $SPY – Trend Following $LL $WGO

The importance of the general market and how important it was to learn and understand what the market is doing overall and how it affects most stocks.

Learn how to interpret what the market was currently doing and at what stage it was currently in, instead of trying to predict what it was going to […]

Trend Following Presentation AviateGlobal 18 December 2013 – Bloomberg London

A friend and a colleague made a presentation at Bloomberg’s offices in London. Wanted to share this trend following presentation…

To read the material bloomberg_2013_december-tf_last

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Trend Following & Trend Retracement High Growth Stocks Wisdom Tree $ETF $WETF $SPY

Trend Following Facebook Stock $FB

In this short video I speak about trend following and how to look at facebook stock $FB

Past performance is not indicative of future performance