Trend trading is looked at as an outdated strategy – so the email says

I received this email today that Trend trading is looked at as an outdated strategy. He further continues and states that trend following…this outdated strategy that was followed by dinosaurs who were flushed out by the high powered HFT traders of the modern age. This kind of thinking is exactly why most traders fail to make money. They decide to listen to people who assume that modernity is the same as profitability.
I had to chuckle…only Richard Donchian traded this strategy for almost 60 years. On a more personal level my inspiration is still trading in his 80s and has been trading since 1979. He always had lots of losses and draw downs throughout the years. He states that this period is one of the toughest and longest however he has seen all of this before.

I have to disagree with the sender of this email….

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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