MorningStar Bashing Managed Futures-Managed-Futures Funds: A Mess

With article after article bashing managed futures could a bottom be in? I learned under a man who has traded commodities and is a trend follower since 1979. He compounded his $200,000 stake in 1979 to tens of millions of dollars. It was never easy. He always had loses and long draw downs… As much as this period has been very difficult and one of the most extended draw downs I personally believe it is way to early to call for the death of managed futures and trend following. We have gone through too much to throw in the towel. We have survived the theft of our money from MF Global and PFG. Trend following and Managed futures are a marathon…

Actually reading article after article regarding how bad managed futures are… under management collapsing …managers and commodity trading advisors throwing in the towel…personally I am encouraged. I have seen this before…however anything can happen and all we are dealing with is complete uncertainty. These loses can easily continue and even get worse. The draw down now for many commodity trading advisors is close to 3 years and some are experiencing their worst draw downs EVER!

Know your Uncle point and as much as past performance is not representative of future performance…I feel personally we might be at a bottom….However everyone has opinions and they are really not worth all that much…

Read the morning star article here

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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