Hyper Inflation Around the Corner?

There was an article in Forbes bring this point across. The author of the article is re known;Laurence Kotlikoff Professor of Economics at Boston University. The key point of the article brought out the point of the distinct possibility of Hyper Inflation.

Strongly suggest you read the article from Forbes

Unlimited QE- Forget About the Tapering- Peter Schiff Right Again?

Will Peter Schiff be right again? He believes that all the thoughts of tapering on behalf of the FED are a bluff. The FED knows what will happen once they start tapering. All we have to do is look a couple of months prior. The stock market only went one direction…DOWN.

On Sept 18th […]

Quantitative Easing Forever?

Without being a doom and gloom or perma bear, How can money be printed out of air. All of the Quantitative Easing has been disruptive in every asset class. There was a segment on CNBC and I totally agree with the fact that

There Is 0% Chance That This Ends Smoothly

Managed futures are […]

The Death of Managed Futures Again

Over the weekend a friend sent me this article…it is though provoking

Addressing the Fable of the Death of Managed Futures on September 13, 2013 · 1 Comment By Bernhard Steiner As most readers of this article very well know, the past five years have been difficult for traditional managed futures strategies. The asset class […]

Stories from an Old Time Trend Follower- Waiting for the Big One

Anyone who has been trading & trend following managed futures over the last 3 years knows how hard it has been. Actually this is one of the most hardest & unique periods in which almost 3 years in a row have been negative to losing. There are always draw downs and long periods of sub […]

The World is Completely Upside Now Right Now

Logical and very realistic…

10 Year Bonds 84 percent Rise from May to Sept

This rise in interest rates pales 1994. This has been one of the most violent and rapid increases on record.

The funny thing is most people are not aware …nor is the stock market!

What if Interest Rates Rise?

Consider how much 10 yr bonds have increased year over year ( 60%- 80%). Do you remember 1994 when interest rates spiked. In trading anything can happen. Consider that rates near 100-year lows after a 30-year steady decline. Do interest rates have to stay at these low rates? Can you imagine the consequences of an […]

Should You Shadow Trade?

A buddy sent me this and wanted to share…

“Ask yourself why would this person sell me their amazing secrets, when if she is so good, she can trade and make unlimited amounts of money? Answer: No one will ever sell you the ultimate key to trading success, and if they did, it would cost […]

World is Not so Wonderful for the Stock Market $SPY

No one ever rings a bell when the risks are building in the stock market. News article after article reminds of 2007

Holiday-Shopping Season Forecast To Be Worst Since 2009

European Car Sales In 2013 Drop To “Record”, 23-Year Low

Baupost’s Klarman Returns Money To Clients Amid “Too Few Opportunities”

Regarding Seth Klarman…He states that: