Accepting Probabilities When Trend Following

The fact that probably no one wants to accept is that any trade is 50/50. All we are only dealing in is probabilities. Markets will always surprise. Due to the fact that traders do not really accept probabilities they pick and choose their trades and invariably fail….

Trading success is enhanced with the internalization that […]

Psychological Gains are More Important than Monetary Gains

Do I need to say more….focus your time and energy becoming the best trader you can be…

Ask yourself did you follow your rules…

If you can say yes…Pat yourself on the back….

Work on your psychology….there is no magic system or indicator…

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Jim Rogers “Market Panic” Gold & Oil

There is a new piece of Jim Rogers on Reuters…He speaks about Syria…gold and oil….

Embrace the Uncertainty of Trend Following

Nothing in life is for sure or guaranteed. There is no exact formula for trading success or simply success in life. You can not really accurately predict anything ( trading especially). In order to conquer fear, embrace the uncertainty. Accept the uncertainty. The only thing you can do is delineate the risk. However once you […]

Trend Following Is Not Easy…It Challenges You All the Time!

When you’re scared, when you’re hanging on, when life is hurting you, then you’re going to see what you’re really made of. Sylvester Stallone

The last 2 1/2 years have been beyond tough for trend following strategies…Thoughts like Stallone’s are what separate successful traders and investors from the money chasers…

Past performance is not […]

Did you Miss the Huge $TSLA Moves?

I have heard from countless traders they missed $TSLA. Unfortunately they did not learn about multi time frames or simple charting. There were numerous opportunities on $TSLA if one looked at the daily charts as well as a 60 minute for entries. Multi time frame trading is a concept well worth learning. More so…there were […]

Trading Self Talk

A friend sent me this piece…Trading is like life…Do not allow negative thoughts…

Self-talk, or our internal monologue, often has contrasting effects; used correctly self-talk is one of the most effective methods of instilling self-confidence.

Negative self-talk involves thinking or saying anything that reflects a lack of confidence or a defeatist attitude. Circumstances where negative […]

Trend Following Success -Its About How Hard You Can Get Hit And Keep Moving Forward

David Druz wrote the forward of my book…He stated…Successful trend following is…Getting hit and getting back up… Getting hit and getting back up….This clip with Rocky Balboa…states it all…it is a must watch

Past Performance is not indicative of future success

Mechanical Trading Systems and Emotional Aspect of Successful Trend Following

This game of Trend Following is 100% mental. Commodity trading advisors as well as investors use mechanical systems to “potentially” try to get around the emotional aspect of trend following. However trading is an art, not a science. dealing with those emotional issues is key. Trading success and trend following success is based on approaching […]

Failure and Perseverance in Trend Following

The last 2 1/2 years have been one of the toughest periods for trend followers…Many have quit. Only quitting is a failure. You need to have perseverance…It is never easy. The interesting thing I have noticed is that probably only the commodity trading advisors or hedge funds make money. All too often investors plow into […]