Classic Ed Seykota Trend Following Statement

“Losing a position is aggravating, whereas losing your nerve is devastating.” – Ed Seykota

Be consistent…Be courageous…Failure is not an option…

Allocation Success with Commodity Trading Advisors

I recently spoke at a London Conference. A reporter liked my presentation and featured in the magazine CTA Intelligence…

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Past Performance is not Indicative of Future Performance

Marc Faber’s Recent Thoughts on the World

Just this statement will cause a reaction-

“It’s Gonna End One Day… Through War Or Financial Collapse”

Tough Couple of Years for Trend Following and Managed Futures

If you are an investor in managed futures, you probably know how challenging the last several years have been. You might be thinking it is the Govt manipulating the markets…or the low interest rates.

Probably not. We go through periods of contraction and expansion. No one ever rings a bell when major or even […]

Staying Detached While Trading for a Living

Experienced and surviving traders have the ability to stay detached or disconnected from trades that do work and trades that don’t. Contrarily new traders have trouble with this and have a hard time taking trading losses and accepting eventual draw downs. If you truly want to succeed in trading and be able to trade for […]

The Bible of Technical Analysis Edwards & Magee- Some Things Never Change

This is from Edwards & Magee Classic on Technical analysis. A colleague sent me this today…

“It has often been pointed out that any of several different plans of operation, if followed consistently over a number of years, would have produced consistently a net gain on market operations. The fact is, however, that many traders, […]

Daily Meditation For Traders

I received this email this morning…& thought to share…

Daily Meditation: Just Imagine

“You only trade when everything is in your favor. The stock’s fundamentals are right, its technicals are right and the market is right. If everything is not in your favor – you wait. Trust me, there is nothing harder than just sitting […]

Taking the Stress Out of Trading via Trading Rules & a Trading Plan

There is a saying if you do not know where you are going…how will you get anywhere. There is some what of an analogy with trading and having rules and a trading plan. When you follow trading rules which match your personality along with your trading plan, you are on a path to just let […]

Facts About Growing Your Trading Account When Trend Following

If you like the idea of trying to grow your trading account, you must also embrace the feeling of the potential downside that goes with it. They are perfect emotional complements, and you cannot take one with the other.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

Quant Invest Canada

Who are some of the top quantitative investors in Canada?

That is the question we asked our Total Trading blog subscribers and LinkedIn group members. The following 5 individuals highlighted were picked based on their career achievements and role in quantitative investing. Know of another investor that deserved to be recognized here? Let us know!