Going From a Losing Trader to a Consistent Winning Trader

It is not magic. It is hard work. It is not the system. It is the mindset. I am always working on my trading psychology.

I read and reread psychology ideas from the masters. This is from Marty Schwartz -Pitbull in Market Wizards…
It is absolutely wonderful…Forget about being right…

When I was able to separate my ego needs from making money. When I was able to accept being
wrong. Before, admitting I was wrong was more upsetting than losing the money. I used to try to
will things to happen. I figured it out, therefore it can’t be wrong. When I became a winner, I said,
“I figured it out, but if I’m wrong, I’m getting the hell out, because I want to save my money and go
on to the next trade.” By living the philosophy that my winners are always in front of me, it is not
so painful to take a loss.
If I make a mistake, so what!

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