Marty Schwartz $40,000 to $20,000,000 Trading

It is extremely important to read. My book shelf is not filled with entry techniques rather more psychology issues. Market Wizards book by Jack Schwager is both great for encouraging however can lead inexperienced traders to think it is easy. I can promise you…it is never easy…

With that said…was just flipping through Market Wizards […]

Mass Layoffs at a Top-Flight Law Firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges

Weil, Gotshal & Manges, one of the nation’s most prestigious and profitable law firms, announced they are laying off a large number of lawyers and support staff. What do they know that most do not? Is this a beginning of another round of extreme market volatility? Can you imagine being a high paid attorney one […]

Going From a Losing Trader to a Consistent Winning Trader

It is not magic. It is hard work. It is not the system. It is the mindset. I am always working on my trading psychology.

I read and reread psychology ideas from the masters. This is from Marty Schwartz -Pitbull in Market Wizards… It is absolutely wonderful…Forget about being right…

When I was able to […]

The 80 20 Rule for Successful Trend Following & Trading

Systems do not make successful traders. Entries are the least important issue regarding trading success. You can have a slight knowledge of fundamental and technical information, and if you are in psychological control, you can make money. If you are not in psychological control you are destined to fail.

Psychology is the least looked […]

Exiting All Longs on SP 500 Trend Following Signal $SPY

One of my major trend following signals is to exit all longs when the 10 EXMA crosses the 30 EXMA. That has occurred! I only had one share left. My trailing stops exited all my other positions over the last several weeks. Trading in this fashion prevents potential scenarios such as 2008 and all other […]

Trend Trader / Portfolio Manager Andrew Abraham Reflects on Challenging Years For Managed Futures

There is an article in Opalesque that I was featured.

I will gladly email you the article… Just email me…It will give you the real story of what it takes to possibly successful over time trend following & trading the markets


The Importance of Trailing Stops When Trend Following

This week I was very busy at two conferences. I was at the managed futures association conference as well as the Global Grain in which I sat on a panel regarding commodity trading advisors affecting markets & flash crashes. Both were fascinating. The highlight of the MFA was lunch at the Four Seasons and hearing […]

The Impact of Algorithmic Trading- Ted Video

I was forwarded this Youtube video from a colleague in London. It is worth watching.

Yan Ohayon demystifies and shares his experience with algorithmic trading and its impact on markets, our lives, and everything in between.

What is Successful Trend Following

1. Being Consistent- Doing the same thing over and over again 2. There is no Holy Grail 3. Too often traders focus on entries as a pose to risk management 4. The human element or trading psychology is one of the most important reasons for success when trend following 5. You must manage the fear […]

Doubtful Demons During Draw Downs When Trend Following

The proverbial question is asked over and over again during draw downs….




It is normal to doubt, however when someone has a thought out simple plan based on risk management over time it stands the possibility to […]