Don’t Be Afraid to Trade High Priced Stocks $REGN

Everything boils down to risk per trade. What I have seen in this recent bull( parabolic) stock market move was some of the high priced stocks had tremendous moves. Look at $GOOG $REGN $PCLN. Follow your trading plan…Risk less than 1% of your account size on a position, watch your sector risk…as well as your open trade equity. More so watch the market. I use exponential moving averages. When the $SPY is above them…I have a green light to try to buy break outs or retracements. All stocks retrace. Today I am looking at $ALK $REGN $SBGI.

Past Performance is not indicative of future performance

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2 comments to Don’t Be Afraid to Trade High Priced Stocks $REGN

  • shabir

    So what do you see for REGN…re-trace to old highs or down to some support?

    • andrabr9

      It is a retracement trade. It is a strong stock fundamental and has had a huge pullback. There are 2 way I trade…breakouts and retracements…this is an example of a potential trade…

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