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Whitney Tilson from Kase Capital: Buys Hertz $HTZ

Whitney Tilson from Kase Capital: Hertz (HTZ)

In the Value Investing Congress Whitney Tilson spoke about how American International Group (AIG) is still a position he likes as it’s still cheap and the company has been streamlined to something much easier to understand and there’s been a lot of advancement since the financial crisis and even since last year. It’s around 14% of his portfolio and was his largest position as of last month. Tilson also likes his long of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A / BRK.B) and recently adjusted his intrinsic value figure to just north of $193,000. Additionally, he mentioned he’s started a new position in Hertz (HTZ) and you can read the pitch on Hertz in this newsletter that convinced him.

If you look at my trades…I “Stumbled” into $HTZ back in January. Realize no one knows anything more than yourself. You can be on par even with the best investors. You just need a well thought out trading plan with complete rules.

I stumbled into HTZ because it was one of the strongest stocks and it broke out. I took a low risk bet and so far it has been working. I have many more stocks that have not worked and have taken numerous small losses.

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