The Quest for Strong Risk Adjusted Returns

Our goal as traders or as commodity trading advisors is to manage the risks when trading. All too often commodity traders delude themselves into thinking that back testing or even testing correlations proves a concept. What may be proven is a concept however this does not prove certainty or possibility for profit. There is no […]

The Mind of a Trend Following Winner

All types of traders have different emotional responses to winning trades as well as losing trades. The mindset of a winning trend follower is much different than most. There is no excitement on a winning trade nor emotional distress on a losing trade. The reason there is no excitement on a winning trade is due […]

Trend Following Stock Positions $QIHU $HTZ $WOR 5.31.13

Current Positions

Slowly was taken out of my positions via the trailing stops

Past Performance is not indicative of past performance

Bullish and Bearish Magazine Covers $SPY

You Decide

Death of Equities right before the Great Bull Market

USA Cover this Week

Trend Following Stocks 5.30.13 $QIHU $HTZ $PKG $WOR

I open trades have gotten riddled down. Do not have many positions. I have stops on individual shares as well as watches the indexes and their moving averages. Expecting more sell off…however letting the market tell me what to do. However the cover of USA is not the most favorable as they are touting all […]

Being Aware When Trend Following With Gap Trades

When markets gap up higher and close lower this signifies a weaker than expected market. Something to contemplate to try to stay on the right side of the market.

Past Performance is not indicative of past performance

Loss Size versus Win Size When Trend Following

Too many seek to have high win to loss ratios. This is a mistake. The key is to “try” to keep your losses small when trend following. You can always have gaps or limit moves but one of the best ways to mitigate big losses is to trade smaller. In a trend following program, win […]

NYSE Margin Debt All Time High- Sign of a Top $SPY???

As trend followers we follow trends. The Nikkei as well as various other stock indices have been the strongest elements in my trading portfolio. The idea is buy the strongest and sell the weakest. This is basic Hedge fund ideas. However we let our emotions get in the way. We want to be right. Not […]

Trend Following the Housing Market and Housing Stocks

Many times common sense is not all that common. All one has to do besides reading the newspaper is think. Two glaring indicators are glaring red lights for the housing market and housing stocks. All one has to do is look at the price of lumber and that of the 30 year bond. Lumber prices […]

Trend Following Positions 5/29/13 $ALK $GOOG $QIHU $PCLN $WOR

Been taken out of alot of positions. Tried adding yesterday via retracement to $GOOG $PCLN $ALK however gaps and started to turn down. I took small profits and losses.

Past Performance is not Indicative of Future Performance