Eminence Capital Buys IBD $ABG

Eminence Capital buys Asbury Automotive Group. Ricky Sandler’s hedge fund firm Eminence Capital recently filed a 13G with the SEC regarding shares of Asbury Automotive Group (ABG). Per the filing, Eminence has revealed a 5.5% ownership stake in ABG with 1,718,704 shares.

Scary Unemployment in Europe

European unemployment just broke above 12% for the first time ever and European youth unemployment remains miserably above 24%. Italy’s youth unemployment has now topped that of Portugal at 38.4%.Can you imagine what this will do for trend followers. There would seem to be some big moves. Not a good combination- Huge Debts & Unemployment….

Mark Yusko’s Presentation on Japan From The Grant’s Conference

Wanted to share another presentation. Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management recently gave at the Spring 2013 Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Conference a presentation called “This Time For the Money”. This presentation focused on Japan

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Jim Chanos’ Presentation on China From The Wine Country Conference

Jim Chanos is one of the most foreknown short sellers. He has presented his case on China numerous times. I wanted to share this with my readers his recent presentation from the Wine Country Conference.

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Current Trend Following Positions 4.30.13 $DDD $GNRC $MDCO $LL $JAH $PKG $QIHU

Below are my current positions. You will notice I let my winners run and cut losses very quickly this is the key for successful trend following

Past Peformance is not indicative of future performance

Most Hedge Funds Disappoint!

Most hedge funds disappoint! Actually most mutual funds disappoint as well. The next reality is that most traders lose money. That is why a trading plan is needed for both investing in mutual funds/hedge funds as well as in your own trading.

Robert Arnott, one of the nation’s most successful investment managers, just wrote a […]

Singapore Will Replace Switzerland as Wealth Capital

From CNBC Thanks in part to its generous tax regime, Singapore has been a millionaire haven for years. But a new report says the tiny island state may soon overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest offshore wealth hub.

The report, by WealthInsight, a London-based research firm, says Singapore is the fastest growing wealth center in […]

George Soros Solution to the Euro Disaster

This article was from

My objective in coming here today is to discuss the euro crisis. I think you will all agree that the crisis is far from resolved. It has already caused tremendous damage both financially and politically and taken an extensive human toll as well. It has transformed the European Union into […]

CTA Expo Presentation New York City

Below is my presentation at the CTA Expo in New York city on April 25th 2013

Big Bets- Trading Egos- Catching Falling Knives? John Paulson

Billionaire investor John Paulson told investors on Wednesday [April 24] he is staying the course on gold even though there may be more short-term volatility in the price of the metal. I am surly no one to judge, however I am trend follower and currently the trend is down. There is no uptrend in gold […]