Has Prosperity Peaked? David Stockman’s views!

This is just one of David Stockman’s many podcasts.

Current Positions Trend Following 3.29.2013 $KSU $CAR $HTZ $SGBI $HTZ $OPEN $PKG $PRLB $FLT $CVLT $AWAY

Current positions for my stock trend following.

Past Performance is not indicative of future performance

Nowhere to Hide Bubbles- Marc Faber

Marc Faber was interviewed on Bloomberg with his opinion on Nowhere to hide bubbles. The key is to have a trading plan…ride the bubbles…as maybe in the stock market in which I am skeptical…and have a plan to exit. I have an exact plan based on exponential moving averages & trailing stops on my positions.


Current Positions 3.28.13 $PSX $KSU $CAR $HTZ $OAS $MX $PRLB

It is truly unbelievable the market does not care about Cyprus. A good trend follower follows the trend and not the news…

Past Performance is not indicative of future performance

Fear When Trading & Trend Following

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. ” ― Bill Cosby

My way of avoiding fear is accepting the risk of a loss before I put the trade on. I try to risk small percentages of my account size when putting on a trade. I ask […]

Emerging Manager CTA Expo New York City 4.25.13

I will be speaking at the CTA Expo in New York on 4.25.13. I invite you to come and hear my discussion. I will be speaking about how to allocate to commodity trading advisors and how I have performed due diligence when investing.


Current Positions for Trend Following $HTZ $PKG $FLT $OPEN $WDR $PSX $SSYS $MX $TUP $SBGI 3.27.13

These are my current positions. Yesterday got filled on several positions & moved up my trailing stops on the strong movers. Today so far the Globex is negative will see what happens.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

How to Profit & Succeed in the Markets

How to Profit & Succeed in the Markets in Ways you never thought of

By Andrew Abraham

There’s more To Trading than Just Having a Strategy. In trading magazines as well as web sites there are lists of trading system results they all seem to highlight “the trading strategy of the month”. If […]

Doom and Gloom Makes Sense from an “Intellectual” Level…However….

Doom and gloom made sense from an “intellectual” level however it does not usually translate into profits. As traders & trend followers we must do the difficult. We must follow a complete trading plan. I can tell you first hand it is not comfortable to be long stock indicies considering what is transpiring in Cyprus. […]

Strongest Stocks based on Trend Following Ranking $AWAY $BCEI $KR $CAR $SBGI $AL $LL $ALK $HTZ $TRIP

These stocks are the strongest based on my ranking of stocks. It does not mean go out and buy them. Rather this is an area of focus.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance