The Bible of Compounding Money is Out on Amazon

My new book “The Bible of Compounding Money is out on Amazon…

I have read many, many books about economics and investments. What most investment advisors overlook is that, “One of the most important issues when investing is that it fits your personality and risk profile.” Andrew Abraham’s book contains many other great investment insights, which will help you improve your investment returns.
Marc Faber
Marc Faber Limited

“Andrew explains you very clearly what the compounding is all about and why it is the 8th wonder of the world did it Einstein. In order to fully enjoy it, you have to understand the inherent risk management that goes along. The CTA business is one of the best ways to compound money with a strict set of management rules. After reading this book, you have no excuses… You can build your own portfolio of CTA managers and ride the “bronco”. This goes hand by hand with what Jesse Livermore used to say “It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting, my sitting tight”.

Jonathan Guillou
Paris France
Fund Manage Amilton Am

Andrew does it again. In this book he outlines time tested principles to be considered when investing in money managers, focusing on the importance of compounding – the key to true wealth generation in any investment business. Numerous examples are presented, adding a real-life perspective which is often lacking on this topic. An insightful, timely and fun read overall

All the best
Erico Matias Tavares
Sinclair limited

I just finished reading (some sections twice) your book. I loved the Dentist story – it made the book and you real. I have found that most successful people have a story like that, but don’t let it out. I really liked the inclusion of yours. It made you real. Work + Passion = World Class Results, since reading this I’ve used it on my daughter. She is 11 and wants to play on the tennis team at her school. The story of your neighbor’s son and soccer resonated big time. Be a patient investor with managed futures. I really enjoy this chapter. I’ve seen many investors chase program highs and sell drawdown lows. They are always losing money. Doing it in reverse would turn the tables for them. Warren Buffett – so many people forget his 50% drawdowns and multi-year recovery times. I remember articles saying his strategy was all but dead. Of course those same articles are published about trend followers too. He is now at a career high point, reminding your readers of what he went through is a great tool. I liked the introduction to each manager you selected and appreciate the attention given to me. The story behind the name sometimes gets lost and the advisor tends to turn into their track record. Providing the story keeps them human and real. I enjoyed the attention to risk. Return is great, but risk is where the game is made or lost. Great book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I really needed to read it now too. It was great timing.

Justin Vandergrift
Principle Chadwick Investment Group
Commodity Trading Advisor

The book is not an academic tone; it is a light read and largely revolves around investing in managed futures and the CTA arena. It sets out a number of investing guidelines in a readable fashion: not putting more than 1% to 5% of investible capital with any one manager, the math’s of compounding and the dangers of inflation to name a few. The book contains write ups for a number of well-known trend following money managers and tables of results taken from There are sensible suggestions on how to conduct due diligence and to collate further information on CTAs from regulators and other sources. Andrew stresses the dangers and lack of certainty in the investing world and is right to do so. Nonetheless, he conveys quite a big feel good factor – he suggests that if you can get it right and can pick tomorrow’s winners amongst today’s CTAs, the rewards could be substantial. He looks for a 10 year track record and a 15% CAGR net of fees in his own investments and gives a number of examples of CTAs who have achieved such performance.

Easier said than done but no denying the reality of the historic performance figures provided

Anthony FJ Garner
The various chapters are just great, when you start to go over the details, there’s a lot of wisdom there not only for end investors but for any of us that are in the trading business. I love the parts when you use concrete examples what to look for in managers, what might go wrong, counterparty risk, Madoff, inflation (I’m from brazil and live hyperinflation so I know what that means) etc.
Andre Veloso- Brazil Trader

Past Performance is not indicative of future performance

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  • Hi Andrew,
    I stumbled upon this post and will look for a copy of your book on Amazon. I really like what one of your reviewer’s said. “What most investment advisors overlook is that, “One of the most important issues when investing is that it fits your personality and risk profile.” I find that is completely true with any type of investments you are involved in and people for some reason just don’t get it. Thanks for that.

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