Bloomberg’s Cover Story- Housing Recovery $OCN

Many times magazine covers are taken from a contrarian stand point. Bloomberg is cheering the housing recovery! The Great Housing Recovery! Maybe…maybe not with multi decade lows on interest rates. At some point interest rates will go up.

SP 500 $SPY Divergences & Rebound on Low Volume

Not encouraging on the SPY with divergences and rebound on low volume…leaders such as Apple failing..Super low Vix..Cover of Barrons…Insider Selling…

Just observing the market..

Past performance not indicative of future performance

Investing in Best Performing Funds & Managers

Investing in funds or managers with the best performing track record can lead to the worst returns in the future. As well many of these best performing managers may have greater risks than others. In my new book “The Bible of Compounding Money with World Class Money Managers I discuss buying the draw downs of […]

The Bible of Compounding Money is Out on Amazon

My new book “The Bible of Compounding Money is out on Amazon…

I have read many, many books about economics and investments. What most investment advisors overlook is that, “One of the most important issues when investing is that it fits your personality and risk profile.” Andrew Abraham’s book contains many other great investment […]

Orders 2.27.13 $AIRM $ARMH $BCEI $CTSH $MPC $USH $SPY -Trend Following Mentor

Below are my orders for today 2.27.13. However the SPY is diverging from its highs. I am skeptical of this rally…however I put on my trades because I know that I do not know where the market is going nor do you…

Past performance is not indicative of future performance


How to Be a Successful Stock Trader on Amazon- Introductory Price .99 cents

My new book on Amazon. I welcome you to pick this up. I have made this only for .99 cents for a very limited time.

Stock $FMX $HTZ $OPEN $PKG $SPY Positions 2.26.13

As a follower…I want to buy the strongest when the market is healthy. For days I have been speaking about divergences on the SP. Yesterday was a big sell off..I am still in 4 positions with tight stops. If the 10 EXMA crosses the 30EXMA I am completely out of the market.

Past performance […]

Stocks with Potential Entries $TRIP $SPY $PIR $QIHU $EBAY $EMN $JAH 2.25.13

share Entry Exit Long Entry ARMH 44.29 42.27 Long Entry BCEI 35.45 32.18 Long Entry BLK 247.1 238.68 Long Entry CELG 103.89 98.73 Long Entry CI 62.24 59.41 Long Entry CPRT 37.67 35.84 Long Entry CTSH 79.74 76.17 Long Entry CVLT 78.6 74.4 Long Entry DNKN 39.46 37.93 Long Entry EBAY 57.46 54.99 Long […]

New Books on How to be a Better Stock Trader, Commodity Trader, Day Trader and Forex Trader

I have several short ebooks that just came out on how to be a better trader. It is not what you think. However it could make all the difference between your success and failure as a trader. Check them out on Amazon

To view on Amazon

Past performance is not indicative of future […]

Interview with Alvin From Big Fat Purse on Trend Following

Trend Following Mentor reveals the Hard Truths about Trading – Interview with Andrew Abraham of Abraham Investment Management by ALVIN on FEBRUARY 23, 2013 Andrew Abraham released his book, The Trend Following Bible, at the end of 2012 and he sent me a copy for review. You can read the book summary here. I set […]