Best Stock Update -Weekly 1.13.13 Trend Following Roundup $DDD $SODA $BCEI $QIHU

The basic idea of trend following is let your winners run. I have cut my losers and trailing the winners.

I am long the following….
Bcei +7.64% enter $28.41
DDD +21.92 enter $49.50
EMN +10.19% enter $64
FMX +7.59% enter $98.44
HTZ +10.66% enter $15.85
LMCA +10.45% enter $112.3
QIHU +10.92% enter $29.75
Soda +19.21% enter $40.35
STX +3.29% enter $32.23
TRMB +2.34% enter $60.65
TTM +16.70% enter $26.14
WDC +1.78% enter $43.21

I have 8 additional positions I am looking to buy if my stops are hit. I would like to add to my strongest stocks…and several new ideas came across in my metastock screening for the strongest stocks. My rules are very simple and it takes about 1/2 hour a day to perform all of my stock trades. I do not sit in front of a screen. I have a complete plan and follow it. In order to succeed you need a plan…
What to buy
How much to buy
When to exit with a profit or a loss.

This is trend following. No opinions…Let the market tell you what to do. Have the fortitude to follow it!

Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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