How Nicolas Darvis Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market & You Might Also!

The Nicolas Darvis story is important for every stock investor. He has inspired traders for many generations throughout countless countries. He made his fortune without the help of computers, mobile phones, fax machines, CNBC, Bloomberg or any of the technology we have today. He only had access to end-of-day data and a weekly copy of […]

New Reviews on The Bible of Trend Following

These reviews of The Bible of Trend Following were just posted on Amazon…

5.0 out of 5 stars Essential Reading, December 27, 2012 By Markham Gross – See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?) This review is from: The Trend Following Bible: How Professional Traders Compound Wealth and Manage Risk (Wiley Trading) (Hardcover) I […]

What is Really Safe to Invest In Long Term?

My simple answer is nothing. We are in such a unique state with all the printing of money all over the world, I personally feel every asset class needs to be managed tactically. I can not believe that we will not experience high inflation…

There are those who say just buy gold. However gold is […]

Is The Govt Being Honest About Inflation Rates?

I can tell you when I go to the grocery store, I get sticker shock.I am very concerned about inflation and that is why approximately 70% of my families net worth is invested in trend following and managed futures. According to the government, annual inflation is only about 1.5 percent a year. Now, that’s not […]

The Biggest Mistake That Blows Up Trading Accounts

Even though today was a Sunday I was very busy discussing with industry financial managers my new upcoming book, The Bible of Compounding Money- Investing with World Class Money Managers. I had one interesting conversation with an emerging manager. He told me he was throwing in the towel due to huge draw downs. The fact […]

Win a Free Copy of “The Bible of Trend Following” via Twitter

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Hertz Global Stock $HTZ One of the Strongest Stocks Currently

Our goal is to buy the strongest stocks when we can put on a low risk bet. HTZ or Hertz Global is one of the strongest stocks. It was purchased on 12.3.12 for $15.80. Current stop is $15.50.

I have approx 11-13 other stocks currently. Low at your risk per trade..risk per sector…total risk […]

Hard Asset Investing & the Effects of Inflation

Inflation is another major concern for all investors today, especially those living off of a fixed income. Rising prices are a wealth destroyer. Rising prices eat into the returns of all types of assets. When interest rates go up, bonds get hit. Stocks fall as the cost of loans increase and in many cases companies […]

Do you Believe There Can be 30% Inflation over a 5 Year Period?

We are constantly bombarded that there is no inflation. However when one goes into the grocery stores, sticker shock is sets in. Shocking. Most people that I know do not know how to invest. I personally believe in trend following in a large managed futures portfolio. In my opinion this is possibly the only bastion […]

How to Make Money in Canslim Ideas- William O’Niel

Notes from How to Make Money In Stocks by William J O’Niel

Factors to Looks for in High Growth Stocks • Major price increase in earnings over same quarter last year (not necessarily sales – 20-25% minimum • Look for small caps buying their own stock back • 95% of growth stocks are from small […]