Strongest Trending & Best Stocks 8.28.12

The strongest trending & Best stocks based on a proprietary ranking system for 8.28.12 are

We have identified these trending stocks however we only would want to enter on a trend retracement or a loss risk entry based on no more 1% risk of the account size. We follow these stocks with both hard […]

Avoiding Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression Study Guide

Avoiding Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression is a short concise study guide that will help you in protecting your trading account in the next upcoming Bear Market. Trend following mentor is offering these powerful study guides on a range of topics that are important to traders. There are upcoming reports on Psychology, multiple […]

The MACD Technical Indicator

Many people over look the power of simple indicators. The MACD is one of these simple robust trend following indicators. You only want to trade in the direction of the trend with the MACD. You only want to buy when the MACD is above the zero line and increasing and only want to sell when […]

Trend Following 40 page Free Ebook

I have had some people tell me they had an issue down loading the 40 page EBook.

I have attached it to this post

Please click on the title Trend Following Thoughts directly below

Trend Following Thoughts

Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss no matter who is managing your money and […]

Strongest Trending Stocks For Aug 27 2012

One of the keys of successful investing is knowing which stocks to buy. For Monday Aug 27 2012 the strongest trending stocks are: CRUS KORS MLNX INVX FOSL SWI SIMO

Look for my upcoming book- The Bible of Trend following – How professional traders compound wealth and manage the risks.

Past performance is […]

Why You Should Only Trade Trending Stocks and How to Identify Them

In order to be a successful trader you must know what stocks to buy. Why would you buy a stock that is not moving? You must know how many shares of this stock to buy also. Trend Following Mentor teaches you these important concepts.

Watch this youtube video to learn the importance of buying […]

Ed Seykota’s Ideas on Avoiding Losses when Trend Following

Ed Seykota turned $5,000 into $15,000,000 over a 12 year time period in his model account – an actual client account. He is a trend following legend.

I was speaking to a potential student and he asked me if I can teach him how to avoid losses.This is the subject of todays short youtube video. […]

Strongest & Best Stocks in the US Stock Market 8.23.12

These are currently the Best US stocks as far as strength. They have outperformed the vast majority of other US stocks in the Stock Market. These stocks are based on the strongest rate of change. The idea of trend following mentor is buy the strongest stocks if you can put on a low risk trade […]

Stock Market Investing Tools – Learning How to Trade Stocks

Identifying trends is the key to trend following. In this video I teach about following the trend. My goal is help you to learn how to trade stocks.

Stock Market Investing Tools – Learning How to Trade Stocks Video

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. The risk of loss in trading […]

Stock Market Trading -Warning Signs

As I am writing this the stock market is selling off to some degree. There have been warning signs flashing such as 5 year low on the VIX, extremely low volume, and a triple top.

Watch this video on stock market trading warnings.

We have a new updated Trading Psychology video on our home […]